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Certified locksmith (202316732W)


We are licensed and insured professional locksmith provide 24/7 solutions to solved all your locks and make sure all our customers is safe and secure no matter where they are. So if you need a locksmith or if you have any question about locks please give us a call and we are always happy to answer your question or assist you.

We are specialize - Residential locksmith services

                               - Commercial locksmith services

                               - Automotive lock out services

                               - Rekeying, Replacing, Repairing and Installing all type of manual door locks

locksmith sok locks 1
locksmith sok letter box lock
locksmith sok main door lock
locksmith sok main lock
locksmith sok key cylindler
locksmith sok main door lock 1
Main Door Locks
Main Door Lockset
Room Door Locks

Residential Locksmith Services

If you have just buy a new flat or a resale flat, or even you just rented a house, have you changed the locks or do a rekeying? 

The reason to do that is because you never know who will have your keys to your present flat or house. 

Stay secure and safe

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you have just take over a factory or shop, make sure you change the lock before you move in for business.

If you have staff that are the keys holders which left, you should also change the lock.

If you at any time feel that your door lock is not very secure , you can call us and we can give you advise.

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